“The natural world is the larger sacred community
to which we belong. To damage this community is to diminish our own existence.”
Thomas Berry

In the work of Xevi Vilaró, we are spectators of an irrefutable truth: the only thing that will survive us is our legacy. There are artists, like Vilaró, who being sensitive to the problems that are generated in our environment, manifest an intense protest in their work, and through their creativity – with their particular way of seeing the world – they show us strong image, which invite us to reflect on our position as individuals within a society world to which we belong.

With his characters in hieratic poses, Vilaró asks us: is this the world are planning for tomorrow? The answer comes to us in his images: monkeys wearing black plague doctors masks, men and women protected behind gas masks, mutated skins from which spread strange fur and even almost artificial branches and wings…apocalyptic ends for human unconsciousness, but in the middle of all this, there are also rays of hope.

In Vilaró´s work we are witness to how much contrast an beauty can be expressed in a single painting.
Work that impacts the senses with all its forms and colors, extreme sensibility in the massage and unique technique in the us of the oil on the methacrylate. This is Xevi Vilaró, honest, emotional and transparent with what he feels, a self-taught creator who has found in the painting a language of his own to share his concerns with all of us.

Victor Castañeda